Why Choose DAN

Don't settle for imitations, choose the original!
10 reasons why you should join DAN
  1. Global and Regional Leader
    DAN has more than 400.000 members worldwide: the largest organisation in the world promoting diving safety, with over 30 years of experience.
  2. Multilingual
    DAN speaks 30 languages!
  3. Quality Management of Claims
    Every year some 1600 emergency calls are handled by experienced staff through an emergency hotline. Insurance claims are settled promptly: DAN makes sure, whenever possible, that medical providers and contractors are paid directly, in order to avoid that members are asked to advance payments.
  4. Professional Competence in Diving Medicine
    Over 180 DAN doctors, leading diving medicine and hyperbaric specialists in their home countries and worldwide, are available on a 24/7 basis to assist you in case of need.
  5. DAN has an unparalleled knowledge in the diving insurance field with more than 30 years of experience
    Today DAN assures through its subsidiary, IDA (International Diving Assurance), transparency of management, efficiency in services, and full respect of European directives in the insurance field, always remaining faithful to the fundamental ideals of the DAN Europe Foundation. The proceeds contribute to funding the traditional activities of the foundation, such as the scientific research. Not just standard insurance services, but an insurance company that really cares for divers.
  6. Dive Research
    DAN conducts important scientific Research that benefit the entire diving community and improve recreational diving safety worldwide. This Research is financed by the DAN membership fees.
  7. Hyperbaric Chambers
    DAN strives to improve the quality, safety and availability of Hyperbaric Chambers, especially those located in less developed countries, where some of the most beautiful dive spots are!
  8. Legal Net
    A global network of diving lawyers is ready to offer consultancy and assist you if necessary, free of charge.
  9. Transparency
    DAN is a non-profit Emergency Medical Organisation, with two commercial insurance subsidiaries. DAN complies with all EU and EEA norms and regulations relating to membership, insurance and taxes.
  10. Additional Benefits
    DAN offers its members a number of services other than insurance covers: free subscription to the Alert Diver e-magazine, specialized medical consultations related to diving activities, participation in conventions and seminars, discounts at the DAN Shop; contribution to safety campaigns and much more!

Please read the feedback and comments of divers assisted by DAN during actual diving emergencies: you'll find out why so many people choose DAN!