Our Projects

DAN Europe is committed to a wide range of medical research and investigates many different aspects of scuba diving.

The following list includes examples of our research projects:

  • Gathering data on and analysing circulating gas bubbles.
  • The economy of decompression: identification of the best ascent profile.
  • Investigating the causes of unexplained diving incidents.
  • Stress in recreational diving.
  • PFO (Patent Foramen Ovale) and risk of DCI (Decompression Illness).
  • Asthma, diabetes and diving.
  • Physiology and pathophysiology of breath-hold in adults and children.
  • Hypothermia and diving.
  • Headache and diving.
  • Diving and blood changes.
  • Air travel after diving.
  • Rebreather diving physiology.
  • Decompression stress, endothelial stem cells and blood cells.
  • Early decompression stress biomarkers.
  • Normobaric oxygen and its effects on blood and in DCI first aid.