Membership Benefits

DAN is divers helping divers, and your DAN membership helps you, too.

For only 25€ per year you get a host of great benefits while supporting DAN's mission of providing emergency medical assistance and promoting dive safety.
Join more than 400.000 of your fellow scuba divers worldwide who have already decided to become members!
Learn what being a member really gets you!

  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline. This benefit is effective for both diving and non-diving medical emergencies.
  • Non-urgent medical consultancy
Only DAN Members are eligible to purchase exclusive and tailor-made insurance plans starting from 24€.

DAN has an unparalleled knowledge in the diving insurance field, with more than 30 years of experience. Insurance covers are provided by International Diving Assurance (IDA) ltd which, as DAN Europe’s subsidiary, gives you the peace of mind you need as the only Diving Insurance Specialist who understands your needs as a diver in a distress situation or a life and limb threatening emergency.
  • Non-urgent legal advice
  • Access to travel information to assist you in preparing for your Journey
    The advice line will provide you with guidance on:
    1. Currency regulations, what currencies and/or travellers che ques to take
    2. Banking procedures and hours
    3. Any Visa entry requirements and permits required
    4. Inoculation requirements
    5. Availability of specific medicines
    6. The language spoken and the time zones of the countries being visited To take advantage of this service which we provide via our 24/7 Emergency Operating Centre on a completely confidential basis simply telephone +3906 - 4211 5685 When contacting the 24/7 Emergency Operating Centre please advise them that you are a DAN Europe Foundation member and confirm your DAN membership number
  • Dive for free at agreed diving centers
  • Member deals on dive equipment, hotels & restaurants, travels, dive centres, etc.
  • Up to 30% off on a wide range of safety products and merchandise in the DAN Shop
  • Extra 10% discount upon membership activation in the DAN Shop (oxygen materials and DAN Training student kits excluded)
  • 15€ discount in the DAN Shop to celebrate your birthday (minimum purchase amount required)
DAN Members receive a Membership Pack, which includes a Membership card featuring emergency numbers and procedures. Club Members are entitled to also receive DAN promotional materials for their dive business.
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