IDAN Fellowships

The International Divers Alert Network (IDAN) Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship is designed to provide licensed physicians the opportunity to be educated and trained in the theory and practice of diving and hyperbaric medicine. Individuals successfully completing the one-year fellowship will obtain sufficient didactic and practical knowledge to work effectively and competently in a hyperbaric clinical and research environment, to act in a supervisory capacity of a hyperbaric chamber.

Program Curriculum Goals:

The subspecialty of Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine deals with the therapeutic use of high environmental oxygen pressure and the prevention of injury and illness due to exposure to environments with elevated ambient pressure. The scope of the subspecialty emphasizes occupational, environmental, safety, and clinical aspects of diving,hyperbaric chamber operations and hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. At completion of the fellowship, the trainee will:

  1. Develop a knowledge base and clinical skills necessary to:
    1. Evaluate and prescribe appropriate HBO therapy for all the medical conditions accepted by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (or EUBS) as amenable to treatment.
    2. Manage patients during hyperbaric treatment.
    3. Evaluate individuals for scuba diving activities, and treat diving-related illnesses.
  2. Discuss investigational indications for the use of HBO and areas for future research.
  3. Develop requisite academic skills to be an effective teacher and researcher in diving and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Fellowship Requirements and General Characteristics:

Fellowship candidates must be graduates of an approved residency and hold a valid Medical license for the appropriate state, region or territory (the state, region or territory where the fellowship is available). The educational program is designed for one fellow per year (per participating institution). Participation in clinical and research activities within (the participating institution) is the core focus.