General Info

From the very beginning, the Divers Alert Network has included within its mission “to work to prevent dive injuries and to promote diving safety.”

However, DAN cannot achieve this objective single-handedly – it requires a “partnership” with the professionals in the field.

The DSP Program is made of 3 levels, with an associated Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) component.

As a DAN Diving Safety Partner, your business will be identified as being properly equipped and staffed to respond to and manage dive-related medical emergencies. Your operation will be expected to maintain your status as a DAN DSP on an ongoing basis. As long as you meet these requirements DAN will recognise your operation for its commitment to safety. DAN can even offer advice and information to help your operation achieve and maintain this level of preparedness.

This program recognises those within the diving industry who have made a commitment to promote diving safety by achieving a high degree of emergency preparedness for the direct benefit of divers the world over. These organisations should be applauded for their efforts on behalf of the diving public. DAN intends to actively promote the DAN Diving Safety Partner Program to the diving community through communication to the more than 100.000 DAN Europe members and to the dive industry at large through all forms of diving media.

Levels and Fees

Becoming a DAN Diving Safety Partner is not automatic, but it is not unreasonably difficult – and the rewards are great. They include helping you build the kind of reputation that counts most to recreational divers – a safe diving operation!

The DSP Program is made of 3 levels: DSP Silver (HIRA Level 1), DSP Gold (HIRA Level 2), DSP Platinum (HIRA Level 3)

The fee to become a DAN DSP (each level) is € 100,00, and includes:

  • € 25,00 annual evaluation & consultancy fee: used to check if you meet the prerequisites, to evaluate the Emergency Assistance Plan, or to give advice on any necessary change
  • € 75,00 annual admission / administration fee

If you are an active DAN Club Member and/or DAN Business Partner who owns a DAN Oxygen unit and has the majority of the staff trained as DAN Providers for the different first aid courses as stated in the prerequisites, the fees to become Silver or Gold DAN Diving Safety Partner are waived.