Family Sport

Insurance coverage of diving emergencies is valid all year round, worldwide
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Your family members have to be:

No more than 4 (you yourself included)

Married or legal partner

Child if unmarried and under 18 years old and with the same permanent home address as the parent

Child up to his/her 25th birthday if that child: is enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited school or college/university, unemployed on a full-time basis and has the same permanent home address as the parent

They do not need to travel / dive as a group


Diving emergency
What is coveredSport BronzeSport SilverSport Gold
Alarm Center and management of medical emergencies 24/7IncludedIncludedIncluded
Emergency medical evacuationTotal costTotal costTotal cost
Worldwide emergency medical treatment (including home country). Hyperbaric therapy and hospitalization included€ 50.000,00Total costTotal cost
Repatriation of the convalescing diver
Specialized medical treatment, including rehabilitation and post - traumatic stress treatment, up to 30 days from date of incident-Total costTotal cost
Daily allowance for hospital stay during therapy-€ 50,00€ 100,00
Loss or damage of own or rescuers' diving equipment, only following an indemnifiable own or 3rd party diving accident-€ 1.500,00€ 3.000,00
Extra hotel & travel costs following a diving accident-Up to € 5.000,00
(injured member only)
Up to € 10.000,00
(injured member & travel partner)
Permanent disability-€ 50.000,00€ 100.000,00
Any prosthesis necessary after an insured injury€ 1.000,00€ 1.000,00€ 1.000,00
Search & rescue of the missing diver (cave diving included)€ 2.500,00€ 10.000,00€ 15.000,00
Death-€ 6.000,00€ 12.000,00
(technical diving € 6.000,00)
Repatriation of the deceasedTotal costTotal costTotal cost
Personal civil liability, including legal defence€ 7.000,00€ 25.000,00€ 100.000,00
Legal expenses in relation to a diving accident-€ 5.000,00€ 10.000,00
Emergency legal protection abroad-€ 5.000,00€ 10.000,00
Emergency interpreter costs-€ 500,00€ 1.000,00
Non diving emergency abroad
What is coveredSport BronzeSport SilverSport Gold
Maximum number of insured travelling days - per trip, per year60 days90 days120 days
Emergency medical evacuationTotal cost in case of life/limb threatening situationsTotal costTotal cost
Medical & hospitalization costs for unexpected illness or injury abroad
Alarm Center and management of medical emergencies 24/7IncludedIncludedIncluded
Continued specialized medical contact with local medical personnelIncludedIncludedIncluded
First medical assessment costs, even w/out hospitalization-Total costTotal cost
Medical expenses for inpatient care, irrespective of number of days in care-€ 15.000,00€ 20.000,00
Medical expenses for outpatient care-€ 500,00€ 1.500,00
Medical repatriation€ 50.000,00Total costTotal cost
Repatriation of the deceased-Total costTotal cost
Travel assistance
Roundtrip travel ticket for one person to reach the insured in case of hospitalization-€ 2.500,00Total cost
Escorted return of minor children-€ 5.000,00Total cost
Additional return expenses for the insured and / or travel companion-€ 2.000,00Total cost
Pre-trip information: visas, vaccinations, etc.IncludedIncludedIncluded
Interpretation assistanceIncludedIncludedIncluded
Travel no-limits
 Sport BronzeSport SilverSport Gold
Extend your travel cover to 365 days for non-diving related medical emergency and travel assistance abroad *-€ 295,00€ 295,00
Annual membership fee
DetailsSport BronzeSport SilverSport Gold
Total Net Premium€ 19,00€ 41,00€ 151,00
DAN Europe Foundation annual fees:
  • Non-urgent medical consultations information on safety, online publications and videos, e-learning, special discounts
  • Scientific research funding, prevention campaigns, RCAPP, quality and safety checks in diving centres
€ 25,00€ 25,00€ 25,00
Alarm Center 24/7€ 15,00€ 19,00€ 19,00
Net Membership Fee, excl. taxes *€ 59,00€ 85,00€ 195,00
National TaxesNational taxNational taxNational tax

* Insurance Premium Taxes to be added, depending on country.

Please read carefully the insurance policy. The insurance company is International Diving Assurance (IDA) Ltd The plans are distributed by DAN Europe Insurance Brokers (DEIB) Ltd. Both companies are subsidiaries of DAN Europe Group & are duly authorized/regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

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