Visibility and recognition within the recreational diving community

  • DAN Diving Safety Partners Program will be promoted within the Alert Diver, at dive trade shows and to DAN Members, Business Partners and Instructors.
  • Inclusion in the DAN Diving Safety Partners Participant Directory. DAN will distribute this listing through the web.
  • The right to include the DAN Diving Safety Partners program logo in your promotion and advertising. You can leverage DAN’s promotion of DAN DSP to build the visibility and reliability of your business. The DAN DSP program logo shows divers that you care about safety!

DAN Diving Safety Partners Quality Assurance

DAN requires that relevant documentation (e.g., proof of first aid training, copies of emergency assistance plans and proof of safety equipment and their placement) be available upon request. DAN staff may make unannounced visits to participating operations to verify authenticity. DAN will also follow up complaints through a quality assurance program.

Decals for display are available with the current year, so they expire if the participant does not renew its application or no longer meets the criteria of the program.

Dive operators risk liability if they promote their businesses as a DAN Diving Safety Partners and are found to be unprepared in the case of an actual emergency. The onus remains with the applicant to meet the requirements of the program. In short, there are incentives to “play by the rules,” above and beyond the fact that it’s the right thing to do.