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By who and how is a DAN Instructor Qualification Course organised?

DAN Instructor Qualification Courses (IQC) are organised worldwide by DAN Instructor Trainers. You can find a list of the DAN Instructors/ Instructor Trainers, who gave us authorisation to publish their personal data here.

The IQC follows a modular format. There is a Core Module and then a separate module representing each training program. You can take all existing modules as part of one course, or just take the Core Module and one course module - whatever you are interested in teaching. Later, as long as you remain a current and active DAN Instructor, you can take additional modules without retaking the Core Module. The Core Module is also available online and teaches the Instructor candidate all current Standards and Procedures: this module can be seen as the introductory module for all further modules.

Prerequisites for the DAN Instructor Qualification Course:

  • DAN Member
  • Current Provider training in all courses seeking Instructor certification
  • Active scuba diving Instructor / Assistant Instructor / Divecon or equivalent (or Divemaster*)
  • Current BLS Instructor (if not completing this with DAN)
  • Documentation of First Aid training

(*) Divemasters who want to become DAN Instructor need to follow an additional educational module with a DAN Instructor Trainer, before participation in an IQC)


Additional Prerequisites for certain DAN IQC Modules

DAN IQC Modules Prerequisite
Advanced Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries Instructor
On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries Instructor
Medical Oxygen RebreatherOxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries Instructor
First AidBasic Life Support



Each IQC consists of a theoretical and practical part. During the academic session the candidates take a closer look at course standards and procedures, educational materials, course structure and organisation. During the Practical session the Instructor candidate learns how to teach the skills to students using micro teaching techniques. During this session the candidates also need to provide role model demonstrations before they can take the final exam.

The DAN Instructor Trainer issues a successful completion card to all successful candidates at the end of the course.
As soon as DAN Training receives the course administration and has checked if all prerequisites were met, the official DAN Instructor C-card and wall certificate will be sent to the DAN Instructor.
The newly certified Instructor will also receive a confirmation by email that his credentials where issued. All info and advantages connected to his certification will also be immediately accessible in his My DAN area.

What does the DAN Instructor receive during the Course?

If the Instructor candidate is not yet a DAN Instructor for other DAN courses the candidate will receive a Core kit and one or more Instructor Packs (one for each Instructor module). If he was already a DAN Instructor and thus does not need to do the core module again, he will only receive the Instructor Pack(s)
The Core kit is a backpack containing promotional and other DAN materials, while the Instructor packs contain the multilingual digital lesson guides and some DAN Training brochures.

What does the student kit & certification cost?
Since the Instructor Trainer can not teach and certify without a student kit, the price of the student kit is included in the course price.  There is no additional fee asked in order to get certified and receive the DAN Instructor Credentials.

To become a DAN Instructor, look for the next available IQC course.