Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome

We have a client who suffers from the “Wolfe Parkinson White Syndrome”. He doesn’t have any problems but I would like to have some info on that and DANs recommendation on whether people can dive. Thanks a lot for your help!! Your answer will be highly appreciated.

WPW Syndrome is a condition that can present itself in various degrees of functional derangement, from minimal electrical disturbances at the EKG and without functional relevance to more serious episodes of dysrithmia (alteration of the heart beats and frequency - essentially tachycardia with possible spells of paroxismal tachycardia) that might also loss of control and/or consciousness and sudden death and, while underwater, the risk of drowning and death.
Clearing an individual with WPWS for diving requires knowing more about the kind and degree of the particular case of WPWS. If the individual is symptom free, has not suffered from any episode of paroxismal tacycardia and is not normally tachycardic, is not on any cardio-active medication, has a normal response to stress EKG and has a medical clearance for even strenuous sport activities it is likely that he/she could also be cleared for diving.