I am a scuba diving instructor. I am suffering from tinnitus since about 1 year. Last year while working I had quite some equalizing problem, thus some > times suffering from a full ear.
I would like to know if there is any risk like hearing loss or so if continuing with my job, while of course paying more attention to the equalizing problem. If you nead more details please let me know.

Tinnitus is a sign of a inner ear problem, which may have been originated by several situations, diving as well as non diving related.
From your history there seems to be a certain connection with some equalizing problems when diving, but the nature of the symptom should be better studied.
Further episodes of Middle Ear Barotrauma may lead to the worsening of the current problem and also to decreased hearing.
However, if proper attention is paid to correct equalization, normal and safe diving, per se, should not lead to any further impairment.
A visit with an ENT specialist is strongly recommended.
I will be happy to provide you with more informed opinions upon receiving a medical report on your situation from the above mentioned specialist.