Thalassotherapy after diving

The hotel where we have the dive center is going to open a Talasoterapia (Spa, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.). We want to know if there is any risk of decompression sickness for the divers to use these facilities after diving, and if you have any recommendations about it.

Thalassotherapy per se should not be contraindicated nor imply specific risks of increased susceptibility to DCS when done after scuba diving, only if the water temperature used is at ambient level and not hot, warm or even lukewarm.
Exposure to warm or hot water after scuba diving can cause peripheral vasodilation and sudden discharge of even massive quantities of nitrogen bubbles into the venous circulation, with increased risk of DCS.
Exposure to warm water (hot bath, showers etc.) should be avoided for at least 90, better 180, minutes after scuba diving, especially if diving is done in Mediterranean temperature waters.
If diving is performed in tropical waters, with temperatures around 30 °C, the risk is less and the above shorter interval of 90 minutes could be considered as relatively safe, but it should be kept in mind that water immersion, even if in tropical waters, always implies a certain level of thermal stress and cooling, with some degree of peripheral vasoconstriction at the end of the dive and possible retention of excessive nitrogen and nitrogen bubbles loads in the skin district.
In these circumstances a sudden peripheral vasodilation, such as the one caused by a hot bath or shower, can be dangerous.