Subcutaneous contraceptive

Since a couple of month there is a replacement for the antibaby-pill available on the market.
A kind of implant is put under the skin and delivers the needed hormons for 3 years Below is a excerpt of the original e-mail ,i got START EXERPT:
I have now this booklet with me , but it's all in finnish, so I'll do my best to give you the all information you need.
"JADELLE" implants has two flexible hormon sticks. They are 43mm long and 2,5mm large. One stick has 75mg levonorgestreel, sometype of syntetic yellow...hormon. The sticks will be placed under the arm, right under skin.
My question is: Do you have any experience with this contraception-method in terms of diving. My concerns were not because of the hormons,but more with the mechanical pressure onto this implants while diving.

There is no specific bibliography or experience on the special subject, but, as the release of active substances is based on solution of the chemical principles, and not on mechanical or electrically driven injection, there should be no adverse side effect connected to diving.
A piece of advice could be to investigate about the resistance to external pressure of the implant with the manufacturer, as this can be an issue of interest not only for diving but also for any other kind of external mechanical pressure or local distorsion.