Smoldering Myeloma

My father has been diagnosed with smoldering myeloma, could the DAN Medical Researchcenter maybe give me some comments and information on the influence of diving (especially NITROX) could have on his illnes?

On line medical advise of a general nature is a service we normally provide only to DAN members however for this time we will make an exception.
Malignancies not involving the respiratory or central nervous systems are normally not a contraindication to diving in principle as long as there are no changes in blood function and any medication used is not contraindicated in diving.
Myeloproliferative diseases such as the illness in question can have clinical complications such as increased blood viscosity and symptoms such as significant tiredness, vertigo and alteration of consiousness.
It very much depends on the individual case and I would advise your father to seek personalised advice from appropriate specialists before continuing with diving.