Silicon implants

Today I have been asked a question that I have not been able to find an answer to. I have a student who has silicon implants to her breasts, for cosmetic reasons, would there or could there be any risk to her , if she was to take up sports diving?

There is very limited information about the mechanical resistance of silicon mammary implants when scuba diving, but it would appear that they do not represent a significant problem and that the general satisfactory safety and
reliability of breast implants may be considered valid also while scuba diving. General precautions inlcude care to avoid any hard impact or mechanical trauma.
On the contrary there is a real and frequent possibility of bubble formation inside the implant, but this does not imply any significant negative side effect, as the event is and remains limited within the implant itself and does not normally produce any damage.
This applies to both pure silicon and to fluid-silicon implants.
Intratissutal silicon injections may also be subject to internal bubble production, with time constants that may differ from those of the surrounding tissues. However, the fact that the injected silicon communicates freely with the surrounding tissues, a free gas exchange can be assumed, without any significant added risk.