Blurred Vision

After a few deep dives last week, I experienced a blurred eyesight during ascent/safety stop and at the surface. Only after an hour or so, my vision returned to normal again.
I wear hard, gas permeable contact lenses. A girl who dived with us and who also wears hard, gas permeable lenses, had the same experience.
In the meantime, I have been told that this effect might be caused by the lenses (although they are supposed to be gas permeable) blocking the escape of expanding gas in the eyeball tissue during ascent. Is this correct? I have never experienced this phenomenon during shallower dives (max. depth until last week: 28 metres, and well within the non decompression limits) Could you please inform me what is known about this phenomenon and whether it could cause damage to the eye?

Occasionally, divers experience problems with contact lenses. This sometimes requires professional medical advice. I would therefore suggest you to get in contact with an ophtalmologist in the Netherlands who knows about diving. In this respect, you could get in contact with Dr Tjeerd van Rees-Vellinga, who is the secretary of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Duikgeneeskunde ( who will either help you out himself (he is involved in professional diving medical examinations) or give you the address of an ophtalmologist in your region.
Although DAN's emergency services are available to all divers, member or not, we do reserve our non-emergency medical consultancy as a service to our members. I am sure you will understand this.