Diving Safety Laboratory
Keep supporting diving research, be an active player in shaping the future of diving safety!

The DAN DSL is a permanent research laboratory that operates in the field of diving medicine and physiology. Its goal is to make diving a safer and injury-free sport.

DAN realized that better results in research only come from extremely large numbers of data, dives, and observations reflecting the real diving world and its many facets.


This was the challenging goal of DAN, when the Diving Safety Laboratory was created, in 1994.


The change? Involving divers and making them an active part of research. Transforming divers into “Research Divers”, able to efficiently and precisely record their dives, according to an epidemiologically and scientifically correct methodology. The results are then sent to a worldwide central database, were scientific analysis of hundreds of thousands of real dives, collected with a uniform method, can be performed.


This database is continuously growing. It allows for new possibilities of epidemiological and statistical analysis on the many aspects of diving safety, ranging from diver’s behaviour and condition to the safety of decompression procedures.


Today DAN can count on a significant dive risk analysis data bank, which will serve as the platform and the tool with which to confront future findings, special research projects results, different typologies of dive profiles.


Sound facts and not opinions about the safety of diving, at last!