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DAN Supports "Diving in Switzerland", a Safety Campaign by FSSS/SUSV

You may wonder, how could a land with no sea be a dream location for a diver? In actual fact, Switzerland has gurgling rivers, crystal clear mountain lakes and emerald coloured lakes in the valleys.


This is why the Swiss Underwater Sport Federation (FSSS/SUSV) has recently published a brochure, "Diving in Switzerland", to promote diving safety. The campaign is addressed to the Swiss diving community and to all those divers visiting Switzerland and wishing to discover its underwater beauties. The brochure serves as a guide and contains many tips to make sure divers starting this experience in a new diving environment are well-prepared.


DAN Europe partnered with FSSS/SUSV and supports this safety campaign. As a result, throughout 2014 DAN will send thousands of campaign brochures to all its Members residing in Switzerland.
DAN will also distribute brochures during events organised in this country.


The brochure can be downloaded in French, Italian and German. Get informed and safely immerse yourself in Switzerland's underwater world!




Choosing the right diving site


Swiss lakes and rivers are colder, darker and more turbid than tropical seas and this creates a completely different diving environment. Before exploring this new diving adventure, especially if your experience is limited to diving in the sea, collect some information from diving clubs, shops or schools on the type of diving certification required and ask for recommendations on which material is best to use. The best advice is to attend some diving courses in Switzerland before hitting one of the many lakes or rivers you will find amidst the mountains.


The best place to start for a first dive is to search for a lake site which is not too deep. Of course these sites are often visited by swimmers and other water sport practitioners, so it is important to keep your eyes out for whomever is enjoying a day at the lake, just as you are. In some places it might even be prohibited to dive and therefore, in the before mentioned brochure, you will find various websites that give you a good overview of the ideal diving places in Switzerland.


Diving in rivers, lakes or under the ice


If your are an expert diver you might pick one of the numerous Swiss rivers as your diving destination. However, no matter how expert you are, each river is different and beforehand you need to get to know the characteristics and the possibly tricky points of the river you are diving in. When you are more found of the idea of diving in a lake up in the Alps, surrounded by the impressive mountains, it is interesting to know that the atmospheric pressure will go down when you are higher than 700 metres above sea level. This causes different implications for dive safety, in particular related to decompression. It is important to know the height of your diving location and to get prepared for the cold you will face underwater by packing up some warm clothes and hot beverages, you will greatly enjoy after your dive. If you are a true expert in cold water and the Alpen lakes are like child play to you, you could go diving under the ice. I guess it is needless to say that such an excursion would require appropriated gear and experienced company. No matter what the location, every dive needs a meticulous preparation.