Paediatric Basic Life Support

The DAN Paediatric Basic Life Support (PBLS) is a comprehensive training program for emergency care addressed to parents, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, school bus drivers, childcare personnel, youth sports coaches and others, requiring to learn how to respond to medical emergencies involving children and infants.

The DAN Paediatric Basic Life Support course provides instructions on prevention of injuries, information on cardiopulmonary arrest in children and its causes, as well as information on how to administer CPR and first aid for choking in infants and children. The course also explains how to use barrier devices and how to relief a child and/or infant, either conscious or unconscious, in case of obstructed airways.

Other topics include:

  • recognising and managing shock
  • controlling external bleeding
  • infant and child safety
  • promoting children welfare

This program is based upon the latest ERC Guidelines (European Resuscitation Council) and other evidence-based treatment recommendations.


Program Objective
The Paediatric Basic Life Support course is designed to teach the skills needed to provide child and infant care.
Students will learn the same basic care treatments and approach to the injured child/infant as professional emergency care providers do. They will learn to recognise hazards to which children may be exposed to and to also provide supportive care for the most common first aid incidents.

The course aims to:
  • Demonstrate competent basic life support techniques for infants and children
  • Treat children in respiratory or cardio-respiratory arrest until the arrival of EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

Learning Objectives
Upon completing this program, childcare providers will have the knowledge and confidence to respond to the various different paediatric emergencies.

The DAN Paediatric Basic Life Support course aims to identify and manage life-threatening medical emergencies. Having learned special skills, DAN Providers will be able to act swiftly and promptly.