Important Notice About Liability Insurance Covers in Some Countries

With effect from the 1st July 2015, all DAN Members resident in countries outside the EU, EEA, Switzerland, Egypt and Maldives will no longer be able to incept or renew our Third Party Liability and Legal Defence insurance policies.

The differences in the legal structure and practice of different countries make it impossible to evaluate risk uniformly or apply the same rule to Third Party Liability risks as they have, in most cases, become country specific. This reality has made DAN decide to limit the provision of Third Party Liability or Legal Defence policies to the above mentioned regions and countries where laws and regulations allow DAN to provide the best insurance services in the event of a claim.

These restrictions are not present with Emergency Medical and Accident insurance risks and here DAN will still be providing these benefits to all DAN members as the underlying risk of accident, illness or injury remains unchanged regardless of the country of residence or domicile.

In line with the above, DAN would also like to notify all members affected by the above measures that one of its insurance subsidiaries, namely DAN Europe Insurance Brokers (DEIB) Ltd., has already initiated various discussions with a number of possible Underwriters who would be in a position to offer Third Party Liability and Legal Defence insurance cover.

DAN reiterates its mission to assist members practice their leisure scuba diving pastime, employment or enterprise wherever they are and is committed together with its insurance subsidiary DEIB to find an alternative, adequate solution in the shortest time possible.