Membership (no insurance plan)

1. Can I join DAN without having to take out an insurance plan?

Yes, you can. For a small 25€ annual fee, you can get the DAN Membership and join the great DAN community without having to take out an insurance plan.

2. What benefits does the Membership entail?

Deals, free seminars, discounts, etc. Find out more on the webpage devoted to these advantages.

3. May I add an insurance plan to my Membership?
Yes, you can add an insurance plan to your Membership anytime, through an upgrade on your MyDAN.
4. To purchase an insurance plan, am I supposed to activate my Membership first?

No, while purchasing an insurance plan, you will also pay for your Membership fee. Therefore, you can directly take out an insurance plan without having to activate your Membership first, separately.

Important notice: the information displayed in this page is not meant in any way to replace or complete the insurance conditions and certificates