Equalisation Awareness

EQUALEASY is a new series of training courses focused on Equalisation Awareness designed by Andrea Zuccari for DAN Europe. Equalisation concerns not only divers and freedivers, but also adults and children who face for the first time a flight by plane, and even hyperbaric operators who daily face problems of this type.

We believe the time has come to bring the culture of conscious equalisation to the aquatic world, and beyond, with a specific course, created in collaboration with Andrea Zuccari, a well-known freediving recordman and expert in equalisation techniques. The EQUALEASY course will allow you to learn how to equalize in an effective and conscious way.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this course, you will be familiar with the physics laws concerning equalisation: Stevin’s Law and Boyle-Mariotte’s Law. Furthermore, you will be able to equalize in an effective and conscious manner, and to improve your technique. You’ll be ready to enjoy your dives, while avoiding random and potentially dangerous equalisation maneuvers.

Course Subjects
  • Physics laws directly concerning equalisation
  • Basic anatomy and physiology. Physiology – organs involved in equalisation. Out-of-water skills: control of the organs involved in equalisation.
  • Air distribution
  • Equalisation techniques: Valsalva, Frenzel, Hands-free.

The course is available for
  • Freediver
  • Scuba Diver
  • Flight & Chamber