Combined courses

Combi Kits and Course Packs make it possible for DAN Instructors to use 1 combined student kit instead of 2-4 separate kits when teaching a combination of courses to a student.
This allows the DAN Instructor to save some money as the cost of these combined student kits is much less than purchasing the kits separately.

What is the difference between Combi Kits and Course Packs?
When using Course Packs the student receives 1 c-card referring to all courses contained in the specific Course Pack.
The student Trained with a BLS+AED Course Pack will, for example, receive a BLS-D c-card instead of a BLS and AED card, while the student trained with a DFR kit will receive a DFR c-card instead of 4 separate cards.

When using a Combi Kit, the student will receive 1 c-card for every course contained in that specific Combi Kit. When using, for example, the Oxygen + Neuro Provider Combi Kit, the provider will receive an Oxygen Provider and Neurological Assessment Provider C-card.

Renewal courses for Course Packs: When re-certifying a student for a Combination of courses for which there is a Course Pack/Combi Kit, only 1 re-certification envelope is needed.

Currently available Combi Kits and Course Packs

  Combi Kits Course Packs
  • Oxygen+Adv O2
  • Oxygen+Neuro
  • Oxygen+Adv O2+AED
  • BLS/First Aid
  • BLSD/First Aid
  • DEMP
  • DFR
  • DFR Instructor kit (also included core module)
  • All in DAN Instructor kit (also included core module + Provider materials)
  • BLS/First Aid Instructor kit (does not contain core kit)
  • BLSD Instructor kit (does not contain core kit)
  • Neuro Instructor update kit (combined provider+Instructor kit)