The Claudius Obermaier Fund

In the period 2004-2018 the Claudius Obermaier fund has distributed 187.921,58 euro in various parts of the world, and intervened in 27 cases. It’s all made possible by the solidarity of divers around the world who are part of one family: ours.



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The Charity Fund of DAN Europe, taking care of divers in difficulty.

Diving is our passion, and divers are our family. It doesn’t matter what language they speak or where they live: we know what it means to be a diver in difficulty and regardless of our differences, we support them in every way. The Claudius Obermaier Fund was created in 2004 by DAN Europe, in collaboration with the family of Claudius Obermaier, a young German diver who died during a technical dive. When needed, the fund steps in to help those who have directly or indirectly been in a diving related accident.

To date (year 2018), the Fund has donated 122.355,51 euro to help divers and their families in difficulty. In particular, the Fund has financed:

  • Special medical care
  • Medical evacuation following serious accidents
  • Prosthesis
  • Special means of transport for tetraplegic
  • School grants for orphans of deceased divers

In addition, when a destructive tsunami hit the Indian Ocean back in 2004, the Fund took action through an international task force by sending out manpower, resources and aid; a total of 65.566,07 euro.

The Fund also supports hyperbaric centres and diving medical structures in remote areas of the world.

DAN Europe is honored to drive the fund, and to take on such a great responsibilty with the constant knowledge that every diver may need its help one day. Not only practical support, but a human one too.

Read the stories of some of those who benefited from the Fund and who wanted to share their experiences.

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