DAN Europe Research Internship Program - Call for Application

Passionate about diving and research? The DAN Europe Research Internship Program is tailored to assist young minds interested in dive medicine, physiology and biomedical engineering to develop and enhance their professional skills. We are currently accepting applications until May 3rd 2017.
The maximum number of interns we can host is limited to eight (8). 


When? Internships start on Monday July 3rd 2017.

Duration? How long you spend with us varies from intern to intern. Our basic training program lasts for 3 weeks. Then it depends on your research needs. If you need to obtain ECTS credits, you must attend a final exam in week 4. You and your mentor will work closely together and your project will determine the duration of your stay.

Where? Interns will be based at the Institute of Tourism Studies in Gozo, Malta.

Languages. We are a multi-national organisation and our working language is English. However, knowledge of other languages is a strong asset.

Compensation. Our internships are unpaid. However, accommodation is free of charge and we'll pay for your trip from Malta airport to it.


What will you be doing? Your training will be based on your interests and background. Activities may include field, laboratory and/or epidemiological studies. Research interns typically assist in data collection and work on a variety of assignments that help you develop practical skills, critical thinking, and technical communication expertise.
As an intern, you will also gain valuable experience in academic writing. You will be asked to produce a written report of your experience, which may be used in full or in part in any of our DAN publications, such as our Alert Diver magazine, website, research newsletters and press releases.


Our interns are primarily recruited among undergrad students at colleges and universities. We also encourage early-stage researchers from private organisations, including post-grad students to apply.

If you’re interested, make sure you are:

  • At least 20 years old by June 1st in the year of application
  • Have a scientific educational background
  • Demonstrate both excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Have an interest in diving, since all research activities are dive oriented
Academic credits may be available for students registered in educational programs while completing the research internship. DAN can provide documentation to meet typical institutional requirements, such as the ones of ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) after the completion of the required exam in week 4.
DAN Europe also accepts applications from interns using the ERASMUS+ program.


  • Application form
  • Professional/academic resume
  • Diving resume - number of dives, environmental and depth range, specialties/certifications
  • Two reference letters, one from an academic and another from a professional source
  • Two-page covering letter addressed to dsl@daneurope.org - should describe your history, diving activities, interests, aspirations and how this internship will enhance your personal and professional growth.